2017 Kwiz for Kidz

Monday, September 25 2017

Nine years on, and this event is still going strong. Our thanks to everyone who attended. You helped us achieve a record amount of $30,600! Check out what a great time we had!

Kwiz for the Kidz 2017 was our 9th trivia night and one to remember!

We started off with the L4Life quartet (Ciara, Therese, Jean and Cath) playing us in. Mary Muirhead (Director) and Tom Gleisner (Patron) welcomed everyone and then the trivia was on! Round One was led by the quartet who played the clues.

Our Markers (pictured Jeff, Mandy, Jen and Billy) have been our loyal tally officials since the beginning! Our thanks to the Working Dog team: Tom, Jane Kennedy, Rob Sitch and Santo Cilauro for being Co-Kwiz masters. Jane led a fun segment called ‘Sing the Last Line of the Song’ that  all 20 tables got right into. Our auctions were sensational. Rob and Tom did the live auction which raised $10,700. The raffle and silent auction also took off. Our final tally is a Kwiz record of $30,600!

Our wonderful L4Life Mum, Carly, quieted the room with a detailed account of her experience with her little boy who is doing early intensive behavioural intervention with L4Life. She shared a very honest reality of facing a diagnosis of Autism then getting on with learning everything you can and choosing a therapy pathway to suit your family and child. Carly really helped connect our families to our supporters and we thank her for her bravery.

Our last Kwiz round was conducted by our very faithful minstrel, Lindsay Field, who played clues for an all-Aussie musical round and then sang us out whilst the markers tallied the scores. Our jubilant winners were treated with a bottle of ShadowFax wine and a very special print of a painting by Charlie, one of our L4Life graduates.

Thanks to the Richmond Football Club for helping make everything run so smoothly (Go Tigers!) and a huge thanks to Cones, Hawthorn for supplying the ice cream, which they have done since our very first Kwiz for Kidz back in 2008. Also, a huge thank you to Sue O’Shea who helped put all the auctions together, and to our L4Life Volunteers Annie, Rashmee, Natalia and Ciara.