ABA after Neurosurgery

Thursday, August 9 2018

Fiona shares some of Clemmie’s Milestones, and find out about their campaign Boating For Brains

Here is a beautiful and inspiring update on Clemmie’s story, as told by her mum Fiona at our Autism AbiliTEA campaign in April; she talks about some of Clemmie’s milestones since being with Learning For Life following her brain surgery for epilepsy.


Boating For Brains campaign logo


Boating for Brains was inspired by Olivia Christen and Clementine Evans, two young children afflicted by catastrophic epilepsy who were granted new leases of life by the Neurology team at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne.

In November 2018, a group of parents of children who have received life changing treatment from The Royal Children’s Hospital Neurology team and friends are attempting to set a new Guinness World Record by paddling a dragon boat 600kms in 4 days along the Murray River, with the hope of raising over $200,000 to support the hospital’s neuroimaging service.

The current Guinness World Record of 545.56 kilometres for the longest recorded dragon boat journey was set on the Missouri River in the USA in 2010.

Money raised by Boating for Brains will fund the position of a specialised neuroscientist for the management of brain scans in children with epilepsy, brain tumours, stroke and malformations.

Find out more about Boating For Brains.

Support their Everyday Hero fundraising page.