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About Learning For Life

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In 2004, a group of parents and professionals from the medical, behavioural therapy, business strategy and media fields identified the need for affordable, best-practice, early intervention Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) therapy for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in Australia. Having witnessed ABA’s high effectiveness in treating children with ASD, and its very high costs, they became determined to find a way to make ABA affordable for Australian children on the spectrum.

Their answer was to create the not-for-profit Learning for Life Autism Centre (L4Life).

Our Vision

A world where all autistic and neurodivergent people can thrive and live the life they choose.

Our Purpose

Supporting autistic and other neurodivergent children to develop skills that promote independence and choice.

Our Mission

The L4Life Mission is to:

  • Provide children with high quality services underpinned by Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) regardless of their financial and social circumstances
  • Conduct research that informs our service delivery
  • Build awareness and understanding of autism, neurodiversity and best practice ABA

Our Goals

We are driven by wanting children with autism to have access to the best educational start possible and for them to remain educationally, socially and emotionally engaged as they transition through their preschool, primary and secondary school years, and beyond.

At Learning for Life, we aim to accomplish our mission by:

  • Providing autism services that address the multiple needs of children with ASD and their families:
  • Making our EIBI ABA programs accessible to financially disadvantaged families by subsidising them, as much as possible, with funds raised from events, grants and private donations through our Fair Access program. We also endeavour to keep our service fees as low as possible.
  • Advocating for increased public and private sector support for ABA through research on our outcomes and by partnering with other Australian ABA organisations, and
  • Training aspiring therapists in best-practice ABA therapy delivery and creating an enduring career path for them.

Therapist Training

As part of our high-standard delivery, we train all of our therapists using our ABA-based Certification Training curriculum. Our training is comprehensive and includes evaluating performance-based objectives relevant to the implementation of behavioural intervention for children with Autism. Consequently, while there is a stringent academic component to each certification level, the larger component of the process requires a demonstration of skills learned from theory through practice. Learn more about our therapist training.

Child Safety

Learning for Life Autism Centre is committed to the safety and wellbeing of children and has zero tolerance for child abuse.

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For more information on L4Life, please contact us at (03) 9853 4607 or email enquiries@learningforlife.com.au