Brighter Futures Regular Giving Program

Brighter Futures is a way for you to help young children and students with autism achieve their potential by making regular tax deductible donations across the year.

Learning for Life provides early intensive behavioural intervention programs as well as services reaching into primary and secondary schools. We are there to support vulnerable individual students who are struggling to engage with the education system, as well as our Inclusion Works Program, which provides whole-of-school educator training and builds the capacity of the teachers to maximise the potential of each student with ASD in their classrooms, as well as other children in their classrooms who may experience behavioural or learning challenges.

These programs are not short term. They require planning, and often the lead time to put one into place means that once the need is identified, schools can go 6-12 months before funds are secured to meet their need. Our Brighter Futures program allows us a predictable stream of funding enabling us to plan for larger scale programs and subsidies. We currently have several schools in regional Victoria who are seeking this service, and we are hoping to start rolling it out in pre-schools as well.

We are looking for people who are able to donate a minimum of $10 each per week. This equates to a $520 tax deductible donation per year. If 100 people sign up to donate $10 per week, we would be able to predict $52,000 annually; if that weekly donation was $20, that would provide $104,000 annually.

To contribute to our Brighter Futures Campaign, please go to our Give Now page. Thank you for your support!

Who will you help with your support/attendance? Kids like Luca.

In February 2019, after 4 years of ABA therapy, Luca was able to start his very first school year. His 4,000 hours of therapy may not have been achievable without supporters like you who help make our Fair Access program possible. Hear what his dad, David, had to say about the milestone.

Luca learning