L4Life COVID-19 Resources

Autism Resources During COVID-19

Thursday, April 23 2020

Everyone around the world is facing uncertain and unprecedented times. Changes to almost every part of our lives can be stressful, especially to those with Autism and their families. Fortunately, the internet has many resources to help! We’ve compiled links to resources that help students with learning and adults with working at home, as well as health and well being, entertainment, virtually going out, as well as Autism-specific COVID-19 resources.

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Pam DID IT at Run Melbourne 2019

Pam Goes The Distance For L4Life Kids

Tuesday, December 10 2019

We’re looking back on 2019 and one of the highlights was Pam, our L4Life Co-founder and Executive Officer, leading our Run Melbourne team and running in the half marathon!

We are so proud of you and your amazing efforts and achievements Pam!! Hear from Pam about her inspirational running journey.

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December 2019 newsletter Senory Holiday Activites

Sensory Friendly Holiday Activities

Monday, December 2 2019

The holiday season can be an especially stressful time for parents of children on the autism spectrum, and it can be a difficult time for those with autism. Here are some helpful activities for your child and family to enjoy during this holiday season.

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L4Life swimming article

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Water Safety

Thursday, October 17 2019

It’s that time of year again where swimming becomes a focus for all children. Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder are no different, however, their lessons may need to be tailored for individual learning styles.

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Skills for Socialisation

Skills For Socialisation

Monday, September 2 2019

One of the defining characteristics of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is impairments in communicative behaviours used for social interactions and difficulty developing, maintaining and understanding relationships.

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Udi's Story

Udi’s ABA Story with Learning For Life

Thursday, August 29 2019

“The early intervention through Learning for Life not only helped Udayan (Udi) in reaching his potential but also helped us become confident parents, socially and emotionally”.

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L4Life's Zac is The Cats' Member of the Month

Zac Is The Cats’ Member Of The Month

Sunday, June 9 2019

We’re cheering on the Geelong Cats with Zac in June because he’s their Member of the Month 😄💙

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Article Anxiety Strategies

Anxiety Strategies for Kids with ASD

Monday, May 13 2019

It can be really difficult to see your child experiencing such high levels of anxiety in various situations. It is important to trial different strategies to see what works best for your child.

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