Congratulations to our Early Intervention Class of 2021

Wednesday, December 22 2021

The Learning for Life Autism Centre sends a massive CONGRATULATIONS to the ten L4Life children who have gone through their Early Intervention programs with L4Life and are now making their transition into starting school next year!

Image celebrating the 10 L4Life kids transitioning to school in 2022

The children, their families, therapists, friends and support networks have worked hard for many years, they’ve persevered through the challenges and celebrated the little wins. And now, they’re preparing for the child’s next stage in their life and development.

We are so very proud of the children for all they have continued to learn and grow. Thank you to their therapists and families – it is with your love, dedication and support that the children have the opportunity to reach this milestone. Our L4Life kids have brighter futures in their horizons and we’re excited to see them continue to shine however they choose.

Claire Birrell, a L4Life Early Childhood Clinical Consultant, shares her thoughts on this time of year for our Early Intervention kids.

“This time of year is always so exciting – holidays are coming up, Christmas cheer all round, end of year celebrations! But the cherry on the cake is seeing all the hard work that’s been put into our Early Intervention programs coming to a head with our biggest littlies getting ready for school in the new year.

“This year, two of the children I work with are gearing up for  prep in 2022. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve said the words “school”, “functional” and “generalised” in the past few months, I’d be able to fund all of L4Life’s programs for the next decade! This is because the focus of therapy becomes almost exclusively about getting ready for SCHOOL and ensuring that any skills that we’ve taught or are teaching are FUNCTIONAL  (i.e. useful) for the child, which is more likely to be the case if the skills have been GENERALISED across settings, people, language and set- up. So we’ve been doing a lot of work on things like being able to open and close lunchboxes, writing their name, asking for help, following visual schedules etc., and doing all of these as independently as possible.”

“As ABA practitioners, our mantra is to “work ourselves out of the job” – a thought that is most prevalent in our minds as we prepare our graduating kids to be without their therapy assistants, either from the start of the school year or sometime throughout it. However, as I tell all of the parents of our graduating children, who are often a bit nervous about this upcoming withdrawal, L4Life will always be here for them – we grow as our kids grow. Yes, our therapy assistants will finish up as our graduating clients finish their early intervention programs, but L4Life will still be here through our School Behaviour Support Program, through Secret Agent Society, and I wouldn’t be surprised if in another 50 years you’ll find us in nursing homes rolling out our Retirement Support Program as well – what a lovely thought!”