Escape Charity Luncheon

Friday, June 22 2018

A wonderful luncheon that brought inspiring, powerful people together to make a difference in supporting our Fair Access programs.

L4Life Escape Charity Luncheon with Fifi Box and Benison O'Reilly

On Friday 15th March, we held our inaugural Escape Charity Luncheon, held at the well-known Hellenic Republic in Kew. The event was a great success. The theme for the afternoon was ‘Escape’ and the guests certainly escaped the winters day and dreamed of the sunny Greek Isles, they escaped from busy lives to enjoy fine Greek tasting platters, bubbles and a wonderful talk. They also contributed to our fundraising that helps our L4Life families escape from many stresses in their lives.

Fifi Box was our host, she was enthusiastic and energetic (for someone on breakfast radio up at 4am!) warm and welcoming. Benison O’Reilly, our guest speaker, gave a great account of her family’s story, which was inspirational. Her son Sam, on the autism spectrum, spent 6 months in Africa with his Dad, James Best who wrote Sam’s Best Shot, a really great account of their experiences. The adventure was focused on intensive intervention in adolescence, to help Sam gain skills away from the busy modern world, working on the brain’s ability to remodel. Benison showed a video of Sam before and after his journey and there was certainly a marked improvement in his social skills, communication and behaviour. You can watch the Australian Story featuring Sam and James.

Together we raised $19,360 towards Fair Access for L4Life Children to our best practice services to help them reach their potential.

We would like to say a huge thank you to the following for making this event so successful!

Check out our photo album of our day here.

Benison O'Reilly at L4Life Escape Charity Luncheon