Fees Policy

1. Purpose

The purpose of this Policy is to outline the process for fee determination, notification and collection at The Learning for Life Autism Centre Inc (Learning for Life).

2. Scope

This Policy applies to the board, senior management, staff employed in office, administration and finance functions and the board of Learning for Life and will be implemented with respect to fees charged to Clients of Learning for Life.

3. Setting of Fees

The board of Learning for Life shall conduct an annual review of service fees as part of its annual budgeting process, taking into account the consumer price index, funds required to cover operating costs and wages of the organisation, ability for Learning for Life to offer fee subsidies (and ability for families to access fee subsidies) and the National Disability Insurance Scheme price guide in place at that time.

In approving the annual budget, the board will also approve fee schedules for all services for the coming financial year.

Where recommended by senior management, the board of Learning for Life may determine a fee increase outside the annual budget approval process and may resolve to implement such a fee increase if Learning for Life has not increased fees for that service within the 12 months prior.

4. Notification of Fees

Learning for Life will provide information on service fees to each Client prior to commencing services and enter into a Service Agreement with each Client with respect to services provided in accordance with the Individual Programs Policy.

In the event of a proposed fee increase for a service, Learning for Life will provide Clients with at least 30 days’ written notice of the change and Service Agreements will be modified accordingly.

5. Fee Collection and Late/Non-Payment

Method and timing for the invoicing of fees will be set out in each Client’s Service Agreement, with fees considered due and payable within 7 days of an invoice being issued.

Fees may be paid by credit/debit card, via electronic banking transfer. Learning for Life does not accept payment by cash or cheque.

In the event a Client does not make fee payment within 2 weeks of the due date indicated on the fee invoice, Learning for Life will issue a reminder communication to the Client. If payment remains outstanding two weeks after the first reminder, a second reminder will be issued. If payment remains outstanding after two reminders Learning for Life reserves the right to immediately cease services. If payment remains outstanding for more than two months and an agreement has not been reached with Learning for Life for payment of the amount owing (such as payment via instalment plan or access to the Learning for Life Fair Access Subsidy Program), Learning for Life reserves the right to permanently withdraw the Client from the program and/or engage a debt collection agency in order to retrieve payments owing.

Once Learning for Life is a registered provider with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), any Clients with National Disability Insurance Agency managed plans will be invoiced via the National Disability Insurance Scheme portal.

6. Fees payable in connection with insufficient notice for withdrawal of service

Each Client’s Service Agreement sets out the period of notice required to be given by a Client intending to cease service with Learning for Life. Given the nature of services provided, and the associated staffing and timetabling implications, where insufficient notice is provided (such that the Client does not participate in otherwise expected service provision during the required notice period) relevant fees will still be charged and payable for the remaining notice period.