Full-Service Early Intensive Behavioural Intervention Program (ABA Therapy)

Our core service for young children (2-7 years old) with ASD in Melbourne.

ABA therapist working with autistic child using building blocks

Our early intensive behavioural intervention (EIBI) Full-Service Model provides a complete ABA program for your child.

Our full-service early intervention model is an individualised ABA therapy program for children, from diagnosis to school transition.

Taking place in your child’s natural learning environment(s), the program is primarily home-based and is designed to help your child transfer learned language, social, play and cognitive skills to other functional environments, such as childcare, preschool, primary school and local community.

We build your therapy team

We understand that recruiting and organising a therapist team can be overwhelming for parents.

Learning for Life takes complete responsibility for ABA therapist recruitment and management, providing a complete and personalised ABA program for your child.

Each child is allocated a full team of L4Life staff, comprising of a Program Supervisor and between three-to-five therapists, who deliver the ABA program in collaboration with your family. L4Life is also responsible for all safety and legal compliance requirements for your child, family and therapists.

A personalised therapy program

Included in the full-service model (FSM):

  • a custom therapy program based on your child’s individual needs;
  • recruitment and training of the therapist team;
  • organisation of all therapy sessions;
  • ongoing supervision;
  • fortnightly meetings with families to review and adjust the therapy program;
  • ongoing training for parents in ABA strategies for reinforcement and skills transfer; and
  • optional access to peer-to-peer parent network (currently trialling).

Transitioning your child to Kinder

This program usually begins in your home in your child’s pre-Kinder years and develops into the community; however, we can adapt the program to include other settings, such as childcare or actual Kinder, as needed.

When children are nearing their FSM’s completion and moving on to Kinder, we focus on school readiness (for example, literacy, numerical and groups skills, plus helping families choose the right school for their child), so they can transition from their programs into Kinder as smoothly as possible.

We remain passionate about regularly recording and analysing information – including individual sessional data and assessment testing – to support our decision making around our program design and supervision, as well as to demonstrate the efficacy of the outcomes we achieve.

For families interested in continuing in-school support after this initial transitional period, we offer our School Behavioural Support Program (SBSP). This program is open to all primary and secondary school children with ASD in Melbourne and into rural Victoria, regardless of whether or not they have previously enrolled in any of our services.

Onboarding new families

Due to therapist availability in some metropolitan Local Government Areas, we are now onboarding new families who live in these areas. Find out more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please click here to view the FAQs about our EIBI Programs.

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