Early Intensive Behavioural Intervention (ABA) – our Full Service Model

L4Life delivers two models of Early Intensive Behavioural Intervention (EIBI) therapy: the Full-Service Model and the Consultancy Model.

Families already dealing with the challenges of a child with special needs can find recruiting and organising a therapist team to deliver an ABA program overwhelming. Our Full-Service Model (FSM) removes these challenges by providing a complete ABA program for their child. With this model, we:

  • design the child’s program based on his or her individual needs;
  • recruit and train the child’s therapist team;
  • organise the therapy sessions;
  • provide ongoing supervision, program adjustments and fortnightly meetings with families, and;
  • provide parent training.

The FSM usually begins in the child’s home in their pre-Kinder years and develops into the community. However, we can adapt their FSM program to include other settings, such as childcare or actual Kinder, as needed. When children are nearing their FSM’s completion and moving on to Kinder, we focus on school readiness (for example: literacy, numerical and groups skills, plus helping families choose the right school for their child) so they can transition from their programs into Kinder as smoothly as possible.

We remain passionate about regularly recording and analysing information—including individual sessional data and assessment testing—to support our decision making around our program design and supervision as well as to demonstrate the efficacy of the outcomes we achieve.

For families interested in continuing in-school support after this initial transitional period, we offer our School Behavioural Support Program (SBSP). This program is open to all primary and secondary school children with ASD in Melbourne and into rural Victoria, regardless of whether or not they have previously enrolled in any of our services.

To learn more about our Full-Service Model, please call us at (03) 9853 4607 or email us at admin@learningforlife.com.au.

‘I guess we can say we’ve been lucky twice.

Having Leo come into our lives is a blessing we cherish every day. Learning  – and finally accepting – that he is on the spectrum has brought difficulties and challenges we were certainly not prepared for. We were immensely worried, especially about his future when he was at kinder, where he just seemed not to fit in. Speech therapy, occupational therapy, the usual things the current system offers … just didn’t seem to yield any noticeable result … We cannot be thankful enough for the amazing work L4Life does. The transformation in him has been profound and life changing.’

­—Sarah, mother of Leo

Our early intensive behavioural intervention (EIBI) Full-Service Model provides a complete ABA program for your child.

Our early intensive behavioural intervention (EIBI) Full-Service Model provides a complete ABA program for your child.