Jayden and Clemmie Start School

Thursday, February 7 2019

Learning For Life Alumni’s Jayden and Clemmie have started school this year!

We get such a thrill seeing our Learning For Life Early Intervention graduates launch into school life with such big smiles. This is a massive week for all parents with children starting school, especially the preppies! We follow our L4Life children who have spent so many hours, weeks, months and years getting ready for what life has to offer. School is a big one, a whole big wide world of opportunities, learning and challenges. So we have been thinking of all the children and families setting off on this new adventure and we wish them all the best ❤️ 🙂

Here is Jayden who has been participating in early intervention with Learning for Life for several years. His parents, family, therapists and our whole L4life Village are proud of him. Go Jayden!

Jayden's first day of school Jayden's first day of school

Here is Clemmie. We’ve known Clemmie since she was only one and a half years old and look how grown up she is now! Good luck Clemmie we hope you have a great year and school life ahead of you. We’re proud of you and the whole L4Life Village has been following your progress over the years. They are all behind you!

Clemmie's first day of school