Join our L4Life Board

Friday, March 19 2021

The Learning for Life Autism Centre is seeking a committed and passionate individual to join our board of directors. We are keen to hear from applicants who can bring specific professional experience (such as finance or legal) or who are able to contribute to diversity of voices and experiences in our governance process.


The Learning for Life Autism Centre Inc (Learning for Life) is a Victorian based not for profit organisation whose mission is to provide the highest standard of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) based services to help children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and their families reach their
full potential, regardless of their financial circumstances. Learning for Life is driven by wanting children with autism to have access to the best educational start possible and for them to remain educationally, socially and emotionally engaged as they transition through their preschool, primary and secondary school years, and beyond.

At Learning for Life, we aim to accomplish our mission by:

  • Providing autism services that address the multiple needs of children with ASD and their families. Our programs include early intensive behavioural intervention, school behavioural support, social skills groups, psychological services and assessments and parent training;
  • Making our early intervention ABA programs accessible to financially disadvantaged families by subsidising them, as much as possible, with funds raised from events, grants and private donations through our Fair Access program. We also endeavour to keep our service fees as low as possible;
  • Advocating for increased public and private sector support for ABA through research on outcomes and by partnering with other Australian ABA organisations; and
  • Training aspiring therapists in best-practice ABA therapy delivery and creating an enduring career path for them.

The Position.


The purpose of the position of board member is to advise, govern, assess, question, oversee  policy and assist with the leadership and general promotion of Learning for Life in order to support the organisation’s purpose and goals.


Learning for Life is an associated incorporation governed by constitution, with all board members also being the only members of the organisation. Appointment to the board is via resolution of all existing board members and requires application for membership to Learning for Life in order to  then become a board member.

The Learning for Life constitution governs the election and composition of the board. The board comprises up to a maximum of 10 members, inclusive of the Chair, Deputy Chair and Treasurer. The role of Secretary may be carried out by a board member or delegated by the board to another staff member appointed as an officer (but not a board member) to carry out the Secretary role.

General board members will be appointed based on the mix of skills and qualities deemed appropriate by the board pursuant to an assessed role matrix. Assessment of board composition is continually reviewed in order to ensure the board is sufficiently diversified in skill and quality and has the required mix of knowledge and experience to effectively support the mission and goals of Learning for Life.

Board members are appointed for a term of 3 years at which time they may be reappointed by board resolution.


The Learning for Life board provides a mission-based leadership and strategic governance to our organisation. While the day to day operations are led by Learning for Life’s Executive Officer, the Executive Officer is also a member of the board and works in partnership with the board. Every board
member must also be a member of a board subcommittee (unless taking on the role of Patron), ensuring board involvement and understanding in the key areas of:
(i) Risk, Finance and Governance;
(ii) Relationships and Fundraising;
(iii) Best Practice (and quality standards);
(iv) Research.

Specific responsibilities of board members include:

  • Ensuring Learning for Life has a clearly defined purpose and strategic direction with goals that are articulated and communicated to all relevant stakeholders;
  • Ensure the financial and operational health of the organisation through appropriate policies, delegations, risk assessment, budgets and culture of the organisation;
  • Acting as a role model for other board members and staff;
  • Acting as a trusted advisor and support for the Executive Officer;
  • Reviewing agenda and supporting papers in advance of meetings in order to come to meetings fully informed and prepared for the discussion and assessment;
  • Understanding and being informed about the role of a director and the legal responsibilities imposed;
  • Assisting the Risk, Finance and Governance Subcommittee in recruiting other board members as relevant;
  • Sitting on, and being actively involved in, at least one board subcommittee and supporting special projects that may arise from time to time;
  • Representing Learning for Life to stakeholders and acting as an ambassador for the organisations.

Board members are required to undertake their responsibility while acting in the best interests of Learning for Life and adherence to the Conflicts of Interest Policy is paramount.

Board meetings are held at least 6 times per year, in addition to our November Annual General Meeting, and subcommittee meetings are held throughout the year according to the relevant subcommittee calendar. Additional board or subcommittee meetings may be called as necessary depending on the circumstances.


A position on the Learning for Life board is an extremely rewarding opportunity for an individual who is passionate about Learning for Life’s mission and goals. Ideal candidates will have the following:

  • extensive professional experience (including relevant professional registrations, if applicable) within the skill set being recruited for or strong relationships within the industries targeted for membership;
  • a track record of leadership and accountability;
  • an ability to forge relationships, collaborate and help build consensus among diverse individuals; and
  • personal qualities which embody integrity, credibility, fairness and respect.
  • All board members must also undertake the following checks and training:
  • Victorian Working with Children Check (free for volunteers);
  • National Police Check (conducted through Learning for Life and at Learning for Life’s cost);
  • Disability Worker Exclusion List Check;
  • NDIS Worker Screening;
  • Learning for Life board induction training (conducted by Learning for Life upon appointment to the Board);
  • Within 2 weeks of becoming a board member, completion of the NDIS Worker Orientation Module;
  • Within 2 months of becoming a board member, completion of the Learning for Life Child Safe Training.


  • Attend, prepare for and participate in board meetings and the Annual General Meeting;
  • Attend and participate in a board subcommittee as necessary;
  • Help communicate and promote Learning for Life’s purpose, mission and goals;
  • Understand and abide by all policies and procedures of Learning for Life;
  • Become familiar with and understand Learning for Life’s finances, budget and financial/resource requirements;
  • Sign and return the Code of Conduct Acknowledgment, the Confidentiality Agreement, the Declaration of Interests form and Application for Board Membership form.


Service of the Learning for Life Board of Directors is a volunteer position and without remuneration, other than reimbursement of legitimate expenses incurred in performing duties as a Board member

For further details on the role, contact the Learning for Life Chair, Mary Muirhead ( if you would like to discuss further.

Applicants are requested to send a CV and cover letter to Mary Muirhead. The cover letter should include an explanation of why you want to join the board of Learning for Life and how you can positively contribute to Learning for Life’s mission and aims.

Learning for Life is an inclusive organisation and we welcome diversity. Applicants from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

Learning for Life is committed to the protection and wellbeing of children and the successful candidate will be required to obtain a Victorian Working with Children’s Check as well as undertaking a National Police Check and NDIS Screening and Victorian Disability Worker Screening.