L4Life at Run Melbourne 2021

Wednesday, May 26 2021

We are so excited that our Team L4Life will be back to participate at Run Melbourne 2021! Join our team-in-L4Life-green, challenge yourself in one of the three event courses, and enjoy a fun day with our wonderful L4Life Village! 

Join Team L4Life at Run Melbourne 2021

Run Melbourne is one of our favourite events; the day is always a fun and uplifting one. The masses of Melbourne come to celebrate and support charities and fundraising, and we get to be part of that – different people and groups in our L4Life Village being together and showing Melbourne how wonderful our community spirit and enthusiasm is.

Our 2019 Team L4Life was our biggest group yet! We had 40 wonderful people be part our Run Melbourne campaign (founders, board members, therapists and supervisors, staff, families and supporters), who fundraised an amazing $24,337.

The past 19 months have been very challenging for us with no events for fundraising, and we greatly miss being with our L4Life Village.

We would love for you to join us to make 2021, our 13th year taking part at Run Melbourne, our biggest! We are aiming to get 50 awesome people from our L4Life Village be part of Team L4Life and to raise $30,000. These funds are so important in subsidising for Fair Access to our Early Intervention Programs for kids with Autism.

Details about Run Melbourne.

Run Melbourne will take place on Sunday, 25th July.

There are three courses for you to choose to participate in:

  • Half Marathon (21.1km)
  • 10km run
  • 5km walk and/or run

2021 Run Melbounrne courses

For more details about the event, please visit the Run Melbourne website.

Friendship Dash.

On the day before the main Run Melbourne event, there is the ‘Friendship Dash’ event; a 4km walk, skip, run or jog along the Yarra River. It’s a free, family-friendly community event, for all ages and abilities to get involved in. It’s about experiencing the excitement of Run Melbourne, in a fun, non-competitive way.

Details are yet to be released about this event. For now, save the date: Saturday, 24th July 2021. When we know more, we will share the details here and also on our social media accounts – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – so stay tuned.

How to be part of Team L4Life.

In two easy steps, you’ll become part of our L4Life team!



  • Click here to create your fundraising page. This link will automatically make you part of ‘The Learning for Life Autism Centre’ team at Run Melbourne. You can sign up as individual or be part of your own little team under our L4Life Charity page.

For full instructions on how to do these steps, please click here.

As a member of our green-team, if you raise $200 for Learning for Life, you’ll receive one of our green L4Life tshirts for free! Otherwise, you can purchase one at cost (cost to be determined).

Fundraising Tips.

Talk about your WHY. Why are you fundraising for Learning for Life? What does our work mean to you?

Share your page widely and frequently, don’t be shy. Post plenty of updates on your fundraising page. You can post images, text and fitness updates directly to your page and choose to notify your donors. This will help them feel more engaged with your fundraising journey.

Share your fundraising page on your social media platforms; Facebook, Instagram (via your profile bio), LinkedIn, WhatsApp and Twitter are all good options.

Donate the value of your weekly coffees to kick start your fundraising.

Connect your fitness app and set a training goal. Make sure to share your progress with your supporters, they will love to hear about how you are going with your training efforts.

Let your workplace know about your fundraising challenge. Your colleagues will be keen to support you and your workplace might have a matched giving program.

Make sure to share on event day! Most donations are made in the last week before your event so make sure you are sharing key details like your event day outfit, finishing time and of course, your post race selfie!

Tips from Run Melbourne

Fundraising Guide. Run Melbourne have prepared this great guide to help you maximise your fundraising! Click here to check out this guide.

Training Guides. To help you achieve your running goals, Run Melbourne have put together three training guides for participants to help in preparing for their event. Click here to check out training plans for each Run Melbourne course.

Support Our Team.

If you are unable to be part of our team this year, you can make a donation and support our team. Please click here to view our charity page for the event.

All the funds raised will got towards Fair Access to our services for autistic children and students and their families.

Watch the video below to see our awesome team in green in action at Run Melbourne 2019 and the fun day we had!


If you have any questions about being part of our team, please contact Natalia on marketing@learningforlife.com.au

Please note: Run Melbourne will be subject to the Victorian Government’s COVID restrictions and guidelines at the time of the event. Run Melbourne list some answers to possible scenarios – click here to see their COVID Terms.