L4Life Kids Transition To School 2020

Thursday, October 10 2019

As 2019 gets closer to 2020, we see some of our L4Life kids begin their transition into school; it’s a big step and a very exciting time for these kids, their families and us at Learning For Life.

L4Life School Transitions 2020

We have eight children transitioning from our Full Service Early Intensive Behavioural Intervention Programs to school in 2020.  We have children going to their local state schools, local catholic schools and specialist schools.

The transition plans started in term 1 this year when we met with the parents and talked through the process of choosing a school. We encourage parents to visit a wide variety of schools and to choose a school that is a good fit for them and their child.

During term 4, most of our kids are attending their school transition sessions. For some of the kids, they will attend these on their own and others will be supported by a L4Life therapist. Throughout this term the kids are also continuing their home based programs where we are focusing heavily on school readiness skills and social skills development. As we move into the new school year we will gradually fade the L4Life therapists out; this process varies from child to child. For some kids we will attend school with them over the first few weeks to help them settle then gradually fade out, and for others we will just pop in every now and then to check in and make sure everything is going well.

It’s an incredibly exciting time for both the families and the L4Life staff. We wish all of our kids the absolute best for their school transitions and we know they are going in with the best possible chance for a positive start to school in 2020.

For families interested in continuing in-school support after the initial transitional period, we offer our School Behavioural Support Program (SBSP). This program is open to all primary and secondary school children with ASD in Melbourne and into rural Victoria, regardless of whether or not they have previously enrolled in any of our services.


Article written by Emma Miller, L4Life Clinical Director/School Behavioural Support Consultant