L4Life Staff Attempt an Escape

Wednesday, August 8 2018

Our supervisors and therapists enjoyed a fun, team building social night at an escape room.

L4Life Staff Event - Escape Room

As the Chief Happiness Officer, I try to organise staff events throughout the year to make sure our staff have opportunities to meet and get to know one and other, as they often work in different locations. Pictured above is a group photo from our most recent staff event, which was not only fun but also doubled as a team building activity. We had senior staff, as well as new therapists join us on the night. It was lovely to see the three teams working together to get out of their rooms.

♢ Sam, Hannah, Erin D, Gemma, Dana, and Josephine nearly ran out of oxygen but beat the time and successfully got out.

♢ Sarah, Marilyn, Emily, Jolleen, Kubra, Jodie, and Jen worked together to discover what the library had in store.

♢ We had Celeste, Erin S, Nilushi, Vidhya, Becky, Kate, and Emma steal the diamonds and escaped the vault.

All teams beat the clock and escaped. It was a great night, full of laughs.

Thank you all for coming and making it a memorable night.

Erin Sinclair, Chief Happiness Officer and Clinical Supervisor with Learning For Life

L4Life Staff Event - Escape Room