L4Life’s Autism AbiliTEA 2021

Thursday, April 1 2021

April is Autism Awareness Month, and Learning for Life is celebrating with our fifth Autism AbiliTEA! It’s all about bringing awareness to autism, and celebrating autistic people and their abilities, strengths and voices. After our 2020 AbiliTEAs were from a distance, we’re excited for our Village to once again host their AbiliTEA with their family and friends, to bring awareness, acceptance and appreciation about autism and people living with autism.

2021 L4Life's Autism AbiliTEA campaign for Autism Awareness Month

Hosting an Autism AbiliTEA is simple:

1. Organise a morning or afternoon tea, brunch or lunch, at your work (if COVID restrictions allow), at home with family and friends, or at your local community gathering.

2. Register your Autism AbiliTEA event by filling in this short form, and we will provide you with a basic L4Life kit, which includes:

  • A L4Life Autism AbiliTEA poster for you to print (in A4 or A3) to put on display at your event – this will feature a QR code for your guests to link to an online information sheet about Autism and L4Life.
  • A list of suggested questions and topics to encourage conversation and discussion around autism.

3. Enjoy your delicious Abili-tea with your colleagues, family and friends!

By participating in L4Life’s Autism AbiliTEA campaign, you are building awareness about autism and the work L4Life does in helping to provide life-changing intensive early intervention programs to children with ASD from families in financial need.

For more information, please email: marketing@learningforlife.com.au.

Thank you very much for supporting our Autism Awareness Month campaign!

Let us show off your support! We would love to highlight your AbiliTEA with our L4Life Village: take a photo of you and your guests at your event and send the pictures to us. Please feel free to share them on your social media with the hashtags #AutismAbiliTEA2021, #(your organisation’s name) and #LearningForLife.

If you are unable to host an AbiliTEA, you can make a donation and support our services. If you are interested in becoming a regular donor, please click hereFind out more about Workplace Giving via Give2Give.

Autism Stories and Experiences

The world celebrates Autism Awareness: the 2nd of April is World Autism Awareness Day, and April is World Autism Awareness Month.
Learning for Life is celebrating by highlighting the Autistic voices and experiences of those in our L4Life Village.

We want to share their stories, strengths and abilities, passions and talents, achievements and contributions, so we can help to bring better awareness, acceptance and appreciation for people and their families living with ASD.
By being autism aware, accepting and appreciating differences, and making a conscious decision to being more inclusive and autism-friendly in all that we do, each person can play a part not only for April but for every day of the year.


L4Life celebrates World Autism Awareness and Appreciation Day 2021 - featuring Alexander L4Life celebrates World Autism Awareness and Appreciation Day 2021 - featuring Charlie