After 4 Years and 4,000 Hours of Therapy, Little Legend Luca Makes His School Debut

Friday, February 22 2019

Over the last four years, many of you have followed the story of Luca, one of our L4Life legends who has had access to ABA therapy thanks to Fair Access and our generous supporters and donors, fundraisers and grants. In 2019, Luca started his first school year. We couldn’t be more proud.

See what his dad, David, had to say about Luca reaching the milestone of his first day of school.

Luca holds his father's hand while he walks to his first day of school.

Luca holds his father’s hand while he walks to his first day of school – a milestone in and of itself, as Luca couldn’t tolerate people touching his hands when he started at L4Life.

“As with many children, this is our son’s first day of school. Having autism and a rare chromosomal deletion, his journey has been a little different, and he’s spent the last 4 years of his life working towards this day.

When he first entered the ‘system’ via childcare, he couldn’t yet walk or talk and couldn’t handle having his hands being touched.

He also began ABA therapy at this time. His therapists took an item he adored (matchbox car) and covered it in a texture he couldn’t handle (shaving cream). Through early intervention, he built a tolerance and got that car.

4,000+ hours of therapy later, he has achieved many incredible things that, for most children, are par for the course.

This photo (right) represents years of work, thousands of hours of therapy, buckets of tears, hundreds of thousands of dollars, a mountain of patience and above all an incredible amount of love and pride.

And yes, he’s holding my hand thanks to the amazing team of therapists and people at The Learning for Life Autism Centre.”

Congratulations, Luca!


Luca and his dad on his first day of school

Mum, Luca and dad document the special occasion with a photo.



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