Parent, Therapist and Educator ABA Training

Learning For Life provides ABA-based training programs for parents, carers, educators and therapists to enable them to support all children with Autism who they encounter within their educational and/or home environment.

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Training for Parents

A parent or carer’s ability to interact as effectively as possible with their child is crucial to their own wellbeing as well as their child’s. For this reason, we strive to equip our parents and carers with ABA theoretical and practical knowledge that they can continue applying in their therapists’ absence and after the end of their child’s program.

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Therapist Training

Therapists within L4Life

As part of our high-standard delivery, we train all of our therapists using our ABA-based Certification Training curriculum. Our training is comprehensive and includes evaluating performance-based objectives relevant to the implementation of behavioural intervention for children with Autism.

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Aspiring ABA Therapists within the broader ASD community

L4Life senior staff also provide training for aspiring ABA therapists, as well as to the wider ASD community, through the Autism Behavioural Intervention Association (ABIA). ABIA provides training, education and support to parents, carers, and professionals working with children with Autism.

Learn more about training for aspiring ABA therapists.

Educator Training

L4Life offers a variety of ways to help develop educators’ skills to deliver effective ABA-based strategies for their current and future students with Autism:

Inclusion Works School Consultancy Program

L4Life’s ‘Inclusion Works’ (IW) is an innovative school consultancy program designed to give teachers the independent competence to deliver effective behavioural management strategies to their current and future students with Autism, strengthening these students’ opportunity for educational success.

We offer this program to schools throughout Victoria. It is our model of choice for assisting schools in the state’s rural areas.

Learn more about autism consultancy for schools.

School Behavioural Support Program (SBSP)

Through L4Life’s SBSP, a L4Life Program Supervisor works with each child in the classroom and advises the teacher, school and family on best academic, social and general behaviour support strategies so that child has the strongest opportunity for educational integration and success.

Learn more about classroom support for kids with autism.

Specialised training workshops through ABIA

L4Life senior staff provide additional educator training workshops through ABIA. These professional development programs focus on training early childhood educators, teachers and integration aides on strategies and programs to help them effectively teach, and interact with, children with Autism.

Learn more about specialised ABA therapy training workshops through ABIA.