Sarah Wood Presents in Stockholm

Thursday, October 17 2019

Sarah Wood, Learning For Life Psychologist and Supervisor, together with other leaders in ABA/Education from Australia, presented at the Applied Behavioural Analysis International, 10th International Conference, in Stockholm in October 2019.

Sarah presenting in Stockholm 2019 Sarah presenting in Stockholm 2019

Their topic was “Improving Educational Outcomes for Children with a Disability in Victorian Schools”. Sarah specifically presented on L4Life’s Inclusion Works program – read more about our Inclusion Works.

Read more about the ABA International Conference.

Sarah presenting in Stockholm 2019

Brenda Bassingthwaite – University of Iowa Children’s Hospital, Chair of Symposium.

Sarah Wood – Learning For Life Autism Centre.

Lisa Kemmerer – STAR Autism Support talked about the DET’s BCBA program.

Erin Leif – Monash Uni presented on policy changes in education for students with disabilities and rates of students in different education settings.

Russell Fox – Monash Uni talked about sustained implementation of School Wide Positive Behaviour Support.

Well done Sarah, we are very proud of you presenting on ABA in schools and representing Australia and L4Life 😊