SAS Social Skills Program – Digital Edition

Wednesday, February 17 2021

Our friends at Autism CRC recently released the digital edition of the Secret Agent Society (SAS) small group Social Skills Program.

We are proud that L4Life’s Emma Davies (School Behavioural Consultant) was on the global advisory committee for the development of the updated online program. You can spot her in the video below!

The core of the program remains the same, including the face-to-face format and interactive games, but all of the previous pen-to-paper activities will now be presented through digital interactive software. This will not only help increase engagement throughout the sessions, but it will also make the content more easily accessible for our students, their families, schools and other professionals involved. The digital software element also provides opportunities for children to engage who may have previously not been able to access the information.

We are grateful to The Pierce Armstrong Foundation and Cygnett who together have donated 10 iPads and heavy duty covers specifically so that L4Life can expand our SAS service to give Fair Access to more Victorian children on the autism spectrum. Congratulations to Autism CRC for the innovation and thanks to The Pierce Armstrong Foundation and Cygnett for their support.

Watch a short video for more information about SAS (program for 8-12 year old children with social emotional challenges).

For more details about the new and improved SAS small group program, please click here.