Secret Agent Society Update

Thursday, May 14 2020

Emma and Tiffany share a 2020 update on the Secret Agent Society (SAS) Social Skills Program at Learning For Life Autism Centre.

The Secret Agent Society Social Skills Program is a revolutionary program designed to improve the emotional understanding and social skills of children aged 8-12 years old with high-functioning ASD. Learning For Life Autism Centre conducts this program at our centre, and given that SAS is a highly flexible program that can be adapted to a school’s broader needs, we also offer it to schools. We are also looking at moving it online too!

The year 2020 has been, and will continue to be a big year for our Social Skills Group Program – Secret Agent Society. To date, this year we have had three students graduate the program, and as we run our final follow-up sessions from our 2019 programs, we also plan to see at least another 13 students graduate this year!

Whilst we have been very busy over the last twelve months, our current social skills group has (understandably) had to pause. Whilst everyone has been practicing social distancing, we have been really busy getting ready to move SAS to an online platform! The Social Skills Training Institute (SST-I), who are responsible for SAS, have created many new and updated resources. At Learning for Life, we have been fortunate to be involved with SST-I through focus groups, online training and as part of an advisory committee, which means we have been among the first to learn about and use all of the new online games and activities. At the moment we are currently forming our first online groups. This is a really exciting venture for Learning for Life, and we look forward to being able to offer a range of online and/or face-to-face programs in the future.

Click here for more information about the SAS program.

Click here for more information about SAS at Learning For Life. 


Emma Davies, School Behavioural Support Consultant, and Tiffany Poljakovic, Program Supervisor