Shop in Kew to Raise Funds for L4Life

Thursday, September 30 2021

During the month of October, for every $10 you spend at Kew Junction, the Learning for Life Autism Centre will receive $1! ‘Spend Local and Get Back’ is a community fundraising opportunity where selected charities and community groups located in Kew each have a month where they can raise funds when their supporters and the wider community shop to support local businesses. And October is L4Life’s turn!

2021 Spend Local in Kew and Get Back for L4Life

There are 650 businesses to shop at, including independent supermarkets, cafes, beauty and hair, health, services (such as lawyers, accountants, plumbers, chiropractors) and more. Now more than ever, it’s good to spend local and help support small, independent businesses who have been doing it tough during COVID.

At the same time, your shopping will raise funds for L4Life, giving us the opportunity to receive up to $5,000! This money will go towards providing Fair Access to our services and programs that help vulnerable autistic children and students, and their families.

How does ‘Spend Local and Get Back’ work? 

1. Shop at one of the participating independent businesses during the month of October.

There is no minimum amount you need to spend on a receipt to upload it, even if you only spend $1. The way the donations work out is that all receipts are tallied together and then $1 in every $10 is donated. So every receipt counts!

(Please note: this does not include companies that are not independently owned: Coles, Woolworths, Dan Murphy’s, Australia Post and Chemist Warehouse).

2. Make sure to keep your receipt! Then click here to register your spend: upload your proof of payment and fill in some details.

> If you would like help and for us to register your spend for you, please email your receipt to (please make sure we can read the name of the business you spend with and your total amount spent).

(Your registered details will not be used for anything else and all information and receipts will be deleted at conclusion of the campaign).

At the conclusion of the campaign, you have a one week grace period to upload any last receipts. After this time, total spending will be tallied and the money you raised will be donated to L4Life.

Thank you to the Kew Junction Business Association for their support of L4Life and having us be part of this opportunity for fundraising in the local community.