Speech Pathology Services

As part of our holistic approach to supporting clients and families, Learning for Life is now offering evidence-based speech pathology services. Our speech pathology service is available for children up to the age of 7 years old or for children who are already enrolled in a L4Life program, up to the age of 16.

Our speech pathologist works alongside other allied health professionals involved in a child’s program, supporting a multidisciplinary approach and working towards the child’s goals as a part of a team. L4Life’s speech pathology services include assessments and intervention within the following areas; speech, language and multimodal communication.


We undertake both formal and informal assessments to assess a child’s communication needs. These assessments may involve formal standardised assessments, parent/educator questionnaires as well as observations during play or in the kindergarten/school environments. The assessments conducted help to identify the areas of strength and areas of improvement that will inform goals for therapy.


Therapy sessions are structured around a child’s specific needs, what is most functional for the child and the whole family as well as clinical relevance. Therapy sessions are conducted at the L4Life Centre with our speech pathologist also demonstrating and advising parents on tasks to complete at home.

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