Team L4Life 2021

Tuesday, August 10 2021

The Learning for Life Autism Centre’s campaign for Run Melbourne this year was truly a special one. Even with state restrictions, our L4Life Team completed their virtual events. And the fundraising efforts were amazing – our team and supporters raised $13,599! We are so proud to see our team in green with their smiles and our L4Life Village encouraging them all the way. The wonderful team spirit and connection was awesome. We are so very grateful for all of this, what a wonderful result!

Our team members were preparing and training for months to participate at Run Melbourne on Sunday 25th July. But a week before the event, Victoria went into lockdown #5 and Run Melbourne as planned could not go ahead.

And still, our awesome L4Life Team took up the virtual challenge; they all forged on to walk, run and cycle around their respective neighbourhoods (within their 5km radius and under the two hours permitted for daily exercise) to support their fundraising efforts for Learning for Life’s Fair Access programs for children whose families do it especially tough on the financial front. Given the wet and windy weather that would hit Melbourne the weekend of Run Melbourne, our team in green completed their challenges and distances over the nine days that followed. Our 20 member strong team included L4Life therapists, Board members, L4Life families and kids, long time and new supporters – all people of our Village!

2021 Thank You Team L4Life

To our awesome Team L4Life for 2021 – Sue, Victoria, Mary, Vic, Emily, Christine, Sean, Rory, Jamie, Marilyn, Jo, Ari, Rebecca, Natalia, Danny, Therese, Tim, Cam, George, Hirunaka, Charlie, Matt, Leo and John – a massive and heartfelt thank you to each and every one of you. Thank you for your enthusiasm to get involved in our team, your dedication to still complete your walk/run/ride when the real RM was cancelled, getting out there to share the L4Life Village spirit, and for your wonderful support in fundraising for Learning for Life’s kids and their families

Thank you to all who donated. Your generosity and contribution means so much. With your help, we can continue to provide Fair Access to our services for children regardless of their family’s financial position. Thank you for getting behind our team and cheering them on with your words of encouragement; it makes a great difference having this amazing L4Life Village behind them. After not being able to hold our events since October 2019, this Run Melbourne campaign and the fundraising efforts by our team are extra special to us.

Despite the setbacks, our L4Life Team raised an amazing $13,599.36! These funds will contribute to our early intervention programs for vulnerable autistic children and students. Thank you!

Click here to see the photos and read more about each of our team members’ virtual Run Melbourne experience.

2021 Team L4Life