Thank You Team L4Life 2019

Thursday, August 1 2019

Sunday 28 July 2019 was Run Melbourne, and Saturday 27 July 2019 was the Friendship Dash! And it has been our biggest Run Melbourne campaign yet!

Our 2019 Run Melbourne Learning For Life team was our biggest yet! We had 40 wonderful people on Team L4Life; founders, board members, therapists & supervisors, staff, families and members of our Village!

What an awesome day we had at Run Melbourne! We were so lucky with that sunny weather. And all of our team stood out in that big crowd with their lovely L4Life green tshirts.

THANK YOU TO YOU ALL FOR YOUR AMAZING SUPPORT, EFFORTS & FUNDRAISING! Our day was made extra special because of you all. We hope you all enjoyed your day as much as we did!

Plus, a big thank you to Bianca, Di, Robbie & Mary for capturing all the wonderful footage and helping out on the day!

Together, we’ve raised a wonderful $24,337 – that’s 374 hours subsidised for Fair Access to our Early Intervention Programs for kids with Autism

A massive thank you to all who donated; you have made an amazing impact in helping our programs for Fair Access 💚

And to our Team L4Life participants, THANK YOU for supporting and bringing awareness to Learning For Life, and for giving your Sunday morning to represent L4Life. You all demonstrated and shared a wonderful and special L4Life community spirit ❤

2019 RM Pam & Anna


Pam and Anna

What an amazing effort, we are all proud of you both!

2019 RM 10km


Sean, Victoria, Rebecca, Gee and Celeste, plus Christie

2019 RM 5km
2019 RM Das


Top Row: Carly, Nadine, Christine, Pat, Patrick, Mary, Alicia, Jodi, Amanda, Scott, Erin, Claire, Phoebe, Hannah, Marilyn, Samantha, Nilushi, Sue and Gaby.

Bottom Row: Shane, Gemma, Dilay, Laura, Jennifer and Claudia

The Das Family ran the 5km together: Christine, Sean, Rory and Jamie

2019 RM Friendship Dash


James, Karen, Joshua and Jamieson

2019 Team L4Life photo album

Team L4Life Celebration 2019

On Wednesday 28th August, we held a L4Life Celebration/Get-Together for our Team L4Life 2019.

We enjoyed a nice dinner together, and our team was presented with their appreciation and participation certificates.

Thank you for joining us Rebecca, Nilushi, Mary, Shane, Carly and Pam! And thank you to Mary for hosting!