Lorraine Bound, a Quiet Giver

Monday, December 21 2020

For each of the last nine years, a quiet and generous person in our L4Life Village has provided our L4Life full service model kids with beautiful, hand-made with love gifts at our end-of-year party.

Every year, Learning for Life holds a party for families and staff. It’s an amazing event, really, despite the potential for chaos and anxiety inducing noise and excitement. It’s always astonishing how well the children and families cope and really enjoy it. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to hold this event in 2020 but look forward to the next time we can get together safely.

Despite this, one thing remains constant and that is the provision of gifts to all children in our full service model programme. For nine years, Lorraine Bound has been crafting beautiful toys/gifts for our L4Life kids, from book bags, finger puppets, pencil rolls to cushions – she hand makes with love a few dozen gifts.

2020. Lorraine, a quiet giver in our L4Life Village
Lorraine with Tom – showing us the beautiful soft toys that our L4Life children will receive this year!


Lorraine has been inspired to make this delightful contribution each year to acknowledge the hard work that the children do working and playing with their therapists’ guidance. Her grandson, Sam, did early intervention with L4Life for a year before he went to school and was part of the school consultancy program for several years too. Sam is now 14 years old and lives in a rural setting, enjoying the outdoors and especially horses, a love he shares with his twin sister who is a talented rider. Sam’s Mum, Vikki is planning a business to share the family love of horses to work with kids with disabilities. Sam loved sharing Kermit the miniature pony with the kids at his school.

2020 Lorraine's Grandson, Sam, an L4Life Alumni, with his horses
Sam, Lorraine’s grandson and L4Life Alumni: (above) with one of his horses, and (below) with Kermit the miniature pony.
2020 Lorraine's Grandson, Sam, an L4Life Alumni, with his horses


Thank you Lorraine for sharing your time and talents, and bringing joy to the kids at Learning for Life, especially this year, so they know our Village is still here for them.