Early Intervention Consultancy Model (ABA Therapy)

Our Consultancy Model is an early intervention program for families who prefer a more cost-effective, self-managed approach to their child’s ABA therapy.

Child plays with toy while parents discuss autism therapy program with ABA therapists

In this program, your family is responsible for recruiting and organising/timetabling and managing your child’s therapist team. Learning for Life consults your therapist team by creating your child’s therapy program and providing ongoing training for therapist team members, as well as ongoing consultancy and support.

It differs from our Full-Service Model, in which we manage the recruitment and organisation of your child’s therapy team for you.

The program helps your child to transfer learned language, social, play and cognitive skills to other functional environments, such as childcare, preschool, primary school and local community.

A personalised therapy program

As with our Full-Service Model, the Consultancy Model includes:

    • a custom therapy program based on your child’s individual needs;
    • organisation of all therapy sessions;
    • ongoing supervision;
    • fortnightly meetings with families to review and adjust the therapy program;
    • ongoing training for parents in ABA strategies for reinforcement and skills transfer; and
    • optional access to peer-to-peer parent network (currently trialling).

Families choose this model when they have sufficient resources and support to run the program themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

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“Everyone I’ve dealt with has been professional and they always come up with a strategy to cover what we are dealing with at the time … It’s comforting to know they are always there to support me.”

— Melissa, mother of Thomas and Logan