Zac Is The Cats’ Member Of The Month

Sunday, June 9 2019

We’re cheering on the Geelong Cats with Zac in June because he’s their Member of the Month πŸ˜„πŸ’™

Zac is the Member of the Month for the Geelong Cats Football Club. Look what a professional he is!
Zac is a graduate from our L4Life EIBI (Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention) program, Zac’s parents have also done an amazing job.

His mum, Bianca says she can’t thank L4Life enough, and that she never would have imagined that he’d even be able to sit through a football game, let alone all the amazing things he has achieved πŸ’š

Go Zac ⭐️ Go Cats! (just for this month!)

Awesome work and well done to our L4Life Therapists Claire, Carlie, Emma & Tiff for such great work over the years in EI and now in school. Brilliant!