Village News Autumn 2024

Celebrate our 20th anniversary with us; join in the Run Melbourne fun and register to run, walk or donate; enjoy our new website; find out about our Board Secretary role; and say hello as well as goodbye to some valued L4Life staff and board members.

Learning for Life Village News Autumn 2024

Village News Spring 2023

Sharing stories, why L4Life staff love their job and an important study on Chinese parents' experiences of early supports for their autistic children in Australia.

Village News Winter 2023

So much has happened since our last newsletter in April! We have a new government; it will be interesting to see how their many promises and plans related to inclusivity play out.  Let’s hope they have a positive impact on the children and families we serve, our work and our vision for a more just and equitable society.

Village News Autumn 2023

A Centre visit from Dr Monique Ryan, celebrating World Autism Awareness and Acceptance Month and two new Villagers.

Village News Summer 2022

This year Learning for Life Autism Centre turned 18 years old. We were able to celebrate in public again, with our "In Conversation" luncheon with Tom Gleisner and Kitty Flannagan held in October.

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