Inclusion Works

Working with Schools on Inclusive Education Practises

The L4Life Inclusion Works program is an innovative consultancy program offered to schools in the Greater Melbourne area. It is designed to empower teachers with inclusive education practises in order to support students with additional support needs, and strengthen their opportunity for educational success.

Inclusion Works is an ongoing program that can be tailored to the needs of each school, the skill levels of the teaching staff and the needs of the students they support.

It is informed by the data and experiences recorded as part of our Inclusion Works Research Project.

How it works

Inclusion Works is a whole-of-school program that utilises the expertise of our Allied Health team. It’s distinctive for its ‘learning by doing’ component whereby the Learning for Life Consultant works on-site at the school with teaching staff to train, review and implement strategies that support inclusive education for students with additional support needs.

Our staff will work with your teaching team to tailor a program that meets the skill requirements of staff and the needs of students.  The program content and schedule is flexible and the L4Life consultant works closely with the schools leadership to identify exactly what support their school needs.

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Educator Skills Training

L4Life senior staff provide additional educator training workshops through Autism Pathways, Victoria’s peak body for Autism-related ABA delivery. These professional development programs focus on training for early childhood educators, teachers and integration aides on strategies and programs to help them effectively teach and interact with children with Autism.

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