About Our Team

Learning for Life Autism Centre (L4Life) currently has over 40 clinical staff members comprised of:

  • Clinical Director
  • Clinical Consultants (including those also acting in the capacity of psychologist)
  • Therapy Assistants
In addition to our clinical team, we have staff supporting the centre in the areas of Administration, Quality and Risk, Finance, Fundraising, Marketing and Communications.

Our Senior Management Team

Nicci Godsman

Chief Executive Officer
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GDipEd, BA (Psych), MEd

Nicci Godsman is a successful executive leader in the education, health, and community services sectors, known for cultivating high-performance teams and delivering superior outcomes. She recently served as General Manager of Children’s and Family Services at Bestchance, leading a specialist school for children with social, emotional and behavioural challenges and a large allied-health team supporting over 400 children through various therapies and programs. Nicci is a strong advocate for honesty, mutual respect, and equality in the workplace, aligning with Learning for Life's ethos.

Her leadership style fosters joy and unity through inspired teamwork. She is committed to driving excellence through strategic planning, superior communication, and fostering a strong workplace culture. Nicci deeply understands diverse educational and developmental environments and believes every child deserves to thrive and choose their own life path. Her mission is to support children and families in achieving positive outcomes and promote a nurturing environment where all children can experience the joy of learning and growth.

Nicci is also an expert in the strategic growth of sustainable business teams, bolstered by strong commercial acumen and financial management skills. She is passionate about building partnerships based on shared values and the pursuit of excellence in service delivery. Her commitment to enhancing individual and family well-being inspires donors to invest in meaningful and transformative programs.

" I am looking forward to collaborating with the team to understand the impactful support they provide to our children, meeting the wonderful families, fostering awareness and understanding within the wider community about our mission, and continuing to create an environment where every child and young person can reach their full potential by truly being themselves."

Emma Miller Clinical Director

Emma Miller

Clinical Director
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Authorised Program Officer
ABAA Professional Member

Emma has over 25 years experience working with children with Autism, ABA therapy delivery and clinical team management/development. Emma has been with Learning for Life since 2008 and the Clinical Director since 2012, where she oversees all the clinical programs, as well as mentors and manages all senior clinical staff and chairs the Best Practise sub-committee.

She also works as the Clinical Director for Abacus and was a founding board member of Lyrebird College.

Emma says her work challenges her to problem solve, build relationships and improve her understanding of how other people learn and how to support people when they need it.

"I love learning from the children we work with and having the opportunity to see how they view the world. I also love that our team at L4Life is motivated to continue learning to become better at what we do."

Sarah Wood, Staff

Sarah Wood

Head of Allied Health
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BA, PDip(Psych), MEd(Psych), MAPs
Registered Psychologist (Ed & Dev)

NDIS Registered Behaviour Support Practitioner
ABAA Professional Member

Sarah is an Educational and Developmental Psychologist with extensive clinical and research experience in the area of ABA.  She works directly with school aged children with complex behaviours of concern; supervises the L4Life Allied Health team and coordinates the L4Life Research Program.

Sarah has worked with Learning for Life for close to 15 years, providing behavioural consulting for children, families and educators throughout the Melbourne school system and into rural Victoria.

Sarah and others in the Learning for Life team have published a paper evaluating the centre’s full-service model program; and Sarah is undertaking her PhD in the Evaluation of the Inclusion Works program.

Sarah hopes to work towards a community where education is accessible for anyone.

 “At L4Life, we have the ability to work with each different child and their family in whatever format is going to meet their individual needs. We have created programs and systems to make sure the individual child always remains at the centre of everything we do.”

Claire Birrell Staff

Claire Birrell

EIBI Team Lead and Clinical Consultant; Behaviour Support Practitioner

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MEd (ABA), Board Certified Behaviour Analyst
ABAA Certified Behaviour Analyst
NDIS Registered Behaviour Support Practitioner

Since joining the L4Life team in 2007, Claire has gained extensive experience working with learners within their home, education and community settings, as well as supporting and training their therapists, families and educators.

When working with school-aged learners, Claire's practice focuses on reducing exclusion for children with complex behaviours both from their community and education settings.

As EIBI team lead, Claire manages the training, professional development and supervision of junior clinical consultants, including those working towards their BCBA qualification.

Claire has been instrumental in the development and implementation of a new data collection app, which has been developed in collaboration with the SalesForce not-for-profit team and rolled out in September 2022.

"I feel immensely proud of the work we do at L4Life, at the heart of which is helping our learners access their voice, independence, learning and community. I truly believe that inclusivity in all settings is achievable if open minds and adequate resources are dedicated to it."

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Fleur Haberfield

Marketing Manager
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BA (Hons)

Fleur has over 25 year's experience working in marketing, communications and fundraising across the education, small business and disability sectors. During her time working in disability services Fleur has also managed fundraising events, volunteer recruitment programs and has developed and implemented a school leaver employment program for young adults with disability.

"I've enjoyed seeing the concept of individualised programs of support put into practise at L4Life.  The focus is on the child and their goals - developing a program to meet these, rather than implementing a cookie cutter approach."

Meagan Au-Spreadborough

Office and Finance Administrator
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Dip Accg

Meagan loves numbers and finding solutions, which makes her a perfect Office and Finance Administrator.  Meagan manages the L4Life finances and is the first point of contact for all incoming calls and enquiries.

She joined L4Life in 2022 after 15 years as the Assistant Accountant at Swinburne University Bookshop. Prior to this Meagan worked primarily in Finance & Operations, Point of Sales and Inventory control supports to retail stores. 

"I love working for a not-for-profit and making a difference to the lives of children and their families."

Our Non-clinical Team

Celeste Sullivan Staff

Celeste Sullivan

Practice Manager
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OHS Representative
Child Safety Officer

Celeste joined Learning for Life in 2017 after having worked in the customer service and hotel industries for ten years prior.

In addition to her Practice Management role, Celeste is the L4Life Child Safety Officer and Occupational Health and Safety Officer. She onboards all EIBI clients and juggles the EIBI timetables, working hard to find a therapist team to match a family and their schedules. She also assists with recruitment and HR matters and Therapy Assistant training.

"I love seeing and hearing the positive impact L4Life has on families' day-to-day lives. We are always changing and growing to provide the best service for both our families and staff."

Krishani Dave

Allied Health Administrator
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MBioMedHealth Sci
First Aid Officer

Krishani looks after the administration of L4Life’s Allied Health services, supporting clients and clinical consultants in our Speech pathology, School age Consultancy, Behaviour Support, Assessments, and Secret Agent Society services. 

Krishani also works with our research team.

“I am glad to be a part of Learning for Life as this is an organisation that puts clients and their families’ wellbeing first, making sure they are supported throughout their learning journey here.”

Our Clinical Team

Alana McGrellis

Early Childhood Clinical Consultant
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BA (Psych)
Co-Chief Happiness Officer
ABA Professional Member

Alana commenced with L4Life in 2020 as a Therapy Assistant working alongside clinical staff to support our clients. As an Early Childhood Clinical Consultant she works with children with autism in their homes, at kinder and during their transition to school.

"L4Life is such a supportive environment in all aspects - supporting our learners, our families and our community, including staff. I feel valued and feel like what I do makes a difference to people's lives,' says Alana.

"I love to see not only the difference we make in our learners' and families' lives, but also the joy we bring. We celebrate the small and the big wins while creating such cheerful moments and positive connections with our learners."

Cassie Dods

Early Childhood Clinical Consultant
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BHealthSc (Psych & Dis)
Co-Chief Happiness Officer
ABA Professional Member

Cassie works with neurodivergent and autistic children in their homes, at kinder and during their transition to school while also working with our clinical consultants to oversee client programs, develop support plans and help train therapy assistants.

She is working towards becoming a L4Life Clinical Consultant after completing a Masters in Educational and Developmental Psychology.

"I love working with kids and always have - being able to do that in a space where I can help them grow and overcome barriers and challenges makes me so happy."

Elisha Mont

Clinical Consultant and Certification Training Coordinator; Behaviour Support Practitioner

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BSSc(Psych), MEd(ABA)
Board Certified Behaviour Analyst
ABAA Certified Behaviour Analyst
NDIS Registered Behaviour Support Practitioner

Elisha joined the Learning for Life team in 2010 and has experience working with children and families in the home, community and educational settings. She coordinates the L4Life Certification Program for staff and regularly conducts ABA theory seminars and practical training for therapy assistants and families.

Elisha works predominantly with families access EIBI and SAC services.  As a Behaviour Support Practitioner, Elisha works predominantly with school aged individuals who have more significant barriers to learning. Elisha has also been involved in various projects at L4Life, such as delivering an inclusion works program and assisting with the L4Life/Salesforce data app development.

“I value the fact that at L4Life we ensure individualisation of service for each client, we involve the learner and their family, and that we consider the clients dignity of risk; we learn from society, the neurodivergent community and each other to ensure that we deliver best practice”.

Emma Davies, Staff

Emma Davies

Clinical Consultant

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BOT; MTeach (Inclusive Ed).
ABAA Professional Member

Emma has been working in the disability field from 2008. Since joining the L4Life team she has completed her Masters in Primary Teaching with a focus on Inclusive Education. Emma was part of the ABA Today 2021 conference, discussing ‘Providing the best supports for all to rid education of systemic barriers’. Emma combines part time work as a teacher with her clinical consulting, which provides an additional depth to her work supporting both teachers and students in education.

Commencing as an Early Intervention therapist with Learning for Life in 2013, Emma has had many different roles. Her current responsibilities include; running the Secret Agent Society (SAS) social skills program, school consulting, and 1:1 sessions with school aged children.

“I am grateful for the wide variety of different roles and short-term projects I have been involved in, through Learning for Life. Each experience or opportunity has given me a broader perspective on how we can best support our clients, their families, and their communities.”

Erin Delaney

Early Childhood Clinical Consultant
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ABAA Professional Member

Erin has extensive experience working with autistic and neurodivergent children in their homes, at kinder and during their transition to school. Erin works with families accessing EIBI services, L4Life’s Inclusion Works programs and conducts ABA theory seminars and practical training for therapy assistants.

Erin is passionate about developing skills for individuals that will open doors for growth and wellbeing and aid participation in the community.

"Working with children at a key point in their development is fascinating and challenging.  Seeing them reach goals that are important to them, and their families, is so rewarding."

Hannah Yates

Psychologist and Clinical Consultant
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BPsych (Hons); MEdPsych; MAPs
ABAA Professional Member
Registered Psychologist (Ed & Dev)

Hannah works across our Early Intensive Behavioural Intervention programs, School Aged Consultancy, Inclusion Works and Research and Assessments.

Commencing in 2016, Hannah's highlight during her time here is working with students during transition into school and seeing the students re-engage in education after periods of withdrawl or school refusal.

"I hope to create positive change in the communities we work with to support a more inclusive approach to neurodivergent people."

Jodi Harris Staff

Jodi Harris

Early Childhood Clinical Consultant
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BHealthSc. (Psych & Dis).
ABAA Professional Member

Jodi has been working at Learning for Life since 2011 and has widespread experience working and supporting children and their families in the home and education space. Jodi is currently undertaking a Masters in Primary Education to further support her work with children in school.

Outside of L4Life Jodi is the Technical Director of acrobatic gymnastics for Gynmastics Victoria. With over 20 years experience working with neurodivergent children from 2-4year olds through to adults in the recreational and competitive disciplines of gymnastics, Jodi brings this knowledge to her clinical role by incorporating gross motor skill development and movement when working with children! 

"I love celebrating the little wins with the child and their family. What seems like a small progression to us, is a huge achievement to them. It is also great to be part of a team that are just as excited for these wins with all of our clients."

Josephine Allman

Early Childhood Clinical Consultant
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BArts (Psych & Dis); MEd (ABA)
ABAA Certified Behaviour Analyst

Josephine commenced work at Learning for Life in 2018, having worked in special development schools previously.  She is a specialist in Early Intensive Behavour Support.

In her Early Childhood Clinical Consultant role, she oversees clients programming, develops behavioural support plans and consults and provides support to parents and educators.

“I love being able to see the young children I work with grow and develop their language, communication, play, interests and independence; as well as transitioning into other learning environments, generalising their skills to the natural world and forming friendships with other peers.”

Josephine’s is working towards becoming a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA).

Sara Allen

Psychologist and Clinical Consultant
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BSc, PDip (Psych), MClinPsych, MAPs,
Registered Psychologist (Clinical)

Sara commenced her work with L4Life in 2010. Since that time she has worked with children, teens, families, carers and educators to support and advocate for neurodivergent individuals and their families. Sara engages with schools through the Inclusion Works program and is responsible for coordinating psychological assessments at L4Life.

Sara plans to complete her clinical psychology endorsement and continue to support neurodivergent individuals and their families, as well as continue to support educators to work with all students.

"I get to work with amazing people, and everyone is so different. I enjoy working with people and supporting them to grow and achieve whatever they set out to achieve as a person, parent and/or educator. Each day is incredibly rewarding."

Samantha Boyle Staff

Samantha Boyle

Psychologist and Clinical Consultant; Behaviour Support Practitioner
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BSc, PDip(Psych), MEdPsych, MAPs
Registered Psychologist (Ed & Dev)
NDIS Registered Behaviour Support Practitioner

Sam has worked with many children with autism in their homes, kindergartens and schools since starting with Learning for Life in 2011. She frequently provides behavioural consulting for families and educators in schools, conducts a range of assessments and provides regular training for L4Life staff. Sam runs the Secret Agent Society (SAS) social skills program.

"A typical day for me usually involves at least one or two school visits. These visits may include doing observations, providing recommendations for teachers, training support staff, or running one-on-one psychology sessions with clients."

"I also liaise with the other Allied Health staff that work with each of my clients – these are often Speech Pathologists and Occupational Therapists. This allows for all professionals involved in a child's program to provide consistency and collaborate towards a client goals."

Tiffany Poljakovic Staff

Tiffany Poljakovic

Early Childhood Clinical Consultant and Therapy Assistant Recruitment Coordinator

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BAppSc (Psych), GDipAppSc (Psych).
ABAA Professional member

Tiff is a clinical supervisor who has extensive experience in working with children and families across their homes, kinders and schools. Tiff has worked with us since 2014 and works predominantly with families accessing EIBI and SBSP services and also facilitates the SAS social skills program, aiming to build confidence, friendships and further develop social skills for all group members.  She is also the Recruitment Coordinator for L4Life Therapy Assistants.

"The best parts of my job are seeing new skills develop in a child and then seeing the impact of those skills and how they contribute to confidence in other areas of learning; and, from a recruitment perspective,
it’s meeting with and talking to people that have a genuine passion for working with children. It’s great being a part of connecting those people with a job that really aligns with their values."

Elizabeth Mannix

Family Support Manager
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BA(SocWork), CertIV EdSupp

Elizabeth has worked as a social worker and case manager for complex cases across a number of different areas including Allied Health team in Hospitals, Community Health supporting people with disabilities to live independently in their own homes. 

Most recently, Elizabeth worked in the Out-of-Home care sector in Melbourne working supporting clients with complex needs and their carers.

Elizabeth is pleased to have joined the L4Life team in the role of Family Support Manager, as it aligns with her own principles of person-centred practice model with a commitment to advocating for individuals, families, and groups in pursuit of equity and accessibility to services and supports for all clients and their families.

"As a Social worker I can be an additional support service for L4Life clients and families -  with the understanding and recognition that many families need to access additional supports and services  to ensure that they are able to provide stable supportive environments for children to continue to develop and ensure positive outcomes."

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