Student Placement

University Work Placement Program

A career as a Behavioural Therapy Assistant working with children who have high support needs can be challenging. Learning for Life Autism Centre’s (L4Life) University Work Placement Program helps university students develop a realistic understanding of these challenges and introduces them to ABA therapy’s effectiveness.

Through this program, we provide students with theoretical and practical training under the guidance of our psychologists and clinical consultants. Students observe therapy sessions, learn about data collection, set up program materials and participate in selective learning activities with the children we support.

Consistent with the high priority L4Life places on continued training and professional development, student placement positions are made available from July to December each year for students enrolled in an Australian university that requires a work placement as part of their course requirements.

ABA placements

Available to students enrolled in a health science or related degree, these placements are supervised by select Clinical Consultants. These placements relate to our intensive early intervention services.

Given the nature of our work and the competing priorities, we are only able to take on students for placement in the second half of the calendar year and have limited places available. We are unable to take an further ABA student placements for 2024.  We will re-open the applications for the 2025 intake in January next year.

Please note that we are unable to take on any students who do not have placement requirements as part of their university course and we do not have any clinical volunteering opportunities.

Psychology Placement

Learning for Life also takes on a limited number of students conducting their Masters of Psychology through partnership with select universities.

Learning For Life Autism Centre

Other work and experience options for students

Non-Clinical Volunteering Opportunities

If you are interested in volunteering with Learning for Life, we have volunteer roles associated with our fundraising events and our board and subcommittees.

Please contact for further information about our non-clinical volunteering opportunities.

Paid Therapy Assistant

If you are looking to gain ongoing clinical experience as part of your course or career development, you may wish to consider one of our paid therapy assistant positions. For more information please click here.

L4Life is also able to provide internal BCBA/CBA supervision to employees in relevant clinical roles.

Why L4Life staff love their job

"I get to work with amazing people, and everyone is so different. I enjoy working with people and supporting them to grow and achieve whatever they set out to achieve as a person, parent and/or educator. Each day is incredibly rewarding."
Sara Allen, Pyschologist and Clinical Consultant.

“I love the work that we do, our values, work culture, how we employ best practice standards and always put the client first. I really enjoy the challenge and variety of the work I do. I find the role really fulfilling, and the positive work environment is great."
Hannah Yates, Psychologist and Clinical Consultant

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