Specialist Behaviour Supports

Learning for Life is an NDIS Specialist Behaviour Support Provider

The Learning for Life Autism Centre is registered to provide specialist behaviour support services to NDIS participants with Improved Relationships funding.

Every behaviour serves a purpose

Specialist Behaviour Support (also known as Positive Behaviour Support) is a highly specialised form of support designed to help understand and reduce behaviours of concern and eliminate the use of restrictive practices. Its premise is that every behaviour serves a purpose and by understanding the reason behind the behaviour (or what the child may be trying to communicate or achieve through the behaviour), strategies can be implemented to meet the underlying needs, and therefore decrease, a child’s reliance on the concerning behaviours to have their needs met. 

Working together towards a behaviour support plan

Learning for Life specialist behaviour support practitioners work with families and other care team members to develop behaviour support plans which seek to reduce the frequency and intensity of the behaviours of concern (and associated functional barriers) through positive and proactive strategies that are specially tailored to client’s individual needs. Positive strategies include strengthening and building upon positive behaviours through learning and positive reinforcement. Proactive strategies involve anticipation of potential triggers for behaviours of concern and addressing the triggers to prevent the behaviour.  

Training for carers to implement plans

In addition to developing support plans our practitioners provide training for carers and family members to assist in implementing the plan to ensure effective and consistent behaviour management strategies. 

Experienced practitioners registered with NDIS

Learning for Life’s specialist behaviour support practitioners comprise experienced Psychologists and Board Certified Behaviour Analysists (BCBAs), each of whom are registered as approved practitioners with the NDIS Commission. Our practitioners take a human rights approach to increasing our clients’ quality of life. 

How to access L4Life Specialist Behaviour Supports

  1. Initial Consultation and Intake
    In order to access our Specialist Behaviour Supports, you must have NDIS Improved Relationships funding. To assist you in obtaining this funding, we will meet with the parents/guardians of the child as well as a meeting/observation of the child.

    Key stakeholders will be asked to complete behavioural questionnaires.  These will inform a written report by the Behaviour Support Practitioner, including recommendations and expected hours involved in the development of interim and comprehensive behaviour support plans.

  2. Interim Behaviour Support Plan Development 
    An interim behaviour support plan is developed when a behaviour of concern is identified that requires (or has led to the occurrence of) a restrictive practice in order to keep the individual or others safe.  This is submitted to both the Department of Health & Human Services and the NDIS Commission.

    Development of the interim plan involves review of existing data and care team reports/assessments, observations of the client, consultation with key stakeholders (e.g. parents, teachers, carers etc) and the undertaking of relevant risk assessments.

  3. Interim Behaviour Support Plan Training and Monitoring
    Plan implementation training, monitoring and review take place while the development of a comprehensive behaviour support plan is undertaken.

  4. Comprehensive Behaviour Support Plan Development
    The comprehensive plan builds on the work conducted for the interim plan and involves the behaviour support practitioner conducting a full functional behaviour assessment, in addition to any other assessments which may be deemed necessary (including cognitive assessments, language assessments, parent stress measures, questionnaires and functional analysis).  Further observations of the client, more fulsome data collection and consultation with all relevant stakeholders will be undertaken.

  5. Comprehensive Behaviour Support Plan Training and Monitoring
    Once the comprehensive plan is completed, approved and lodged with authorities training, monitoring and review will take place.

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