Team L4Life Run Melbourne Ambassador: Hugo

06 Jun 2024

Meet Hugo, our Team L4Life Run Melbourne Ambassador.

Hugo is a L4Life Villager who has worked with our early intervention and school-age support teams from age 3 through to his early years of Primary School.

He is now in his final years of Secondary School.  His mum, Christine, says the early years support and advice on schooling has set Hugo up for a positive school and learning experience.

Hugo doesn’t like labels and thinks they can be  hurtful. He doesn't think it is necessary to tell people about his Autism.  Instead, he would like people to take him at face value and see him as a whole person, not just someone who is autistic. He says that each autistic person is an individual and has different traits, personalities and challenges and he would like to normalise these differences. 

Hugo is also a keen triathlete and accepted our offer to become our Run Melbourne Ambassador to share his love of the sport, while also educating people on Autism and helping to raise money to help other young people receive the support they need.

Hugo was introduced to triathlons when he took a bike lesson at the age of 12.  Christine recalls Hugo learning to ride within 2 short hours.  He was invited to attend triathlon training by his teacher with a club called Inclusive Sports Training (IST), which he did a few days later.  He took part in his first triathlon competition a week later!  He hasn't looked back.

He says that he has competed in so many triathlons he can't keep track.  What he can keep track of is his wins.  He competed in the School Sports Australia Triathlon/Aquathlon championships in Devonport in 2023 and in Rockingham in 2024 and came first in his category.

His favourite leg is the swim leg, which makes sense as he's been swimming since he was very young. He is also part of a swimming squad in which he trains four days per week.

Running is not his favourite, but he's been working hard at it and can see some improvement.  He can also see the impact that taking part in exercise has on his mental health. "I feel better when I do it," he says.

Hugo will join us in the 5km run and encourages the L4Life Village to take part and join us in our biggest team yet. We'll be checking in on Hugo's training and seeking his advice along the way.

If you can't take part, consider donating to our cause so we can help more young people like Hugo receive the learning support they need to live full and happy lives.

You can donate through Hugo's page at