Early Intervention Consultancy

Early Intervention Consultancy Model (ABA Therapy)

We offer two distinct models of service for our early intervention clients: a full service model; and a consultancy service model.

The Early Intervention Consultancy Service utilises ABA strategies to support children in their early years of primary school (under 8 years of age).

It is an individualised program whereby a Learning for Life Clinical Consultant works with your child according to their individual needs, along with school staff, parents and other members of the care team, to support the child in their educational, home and broader community environment. 

In addition to the L4Life Clinical Consultant, a family may be able to access a L4Life Therapy Assistant to work with their child.  If this is the case, the Clinical Consultant will also play a key worker role in designing and supervising programs to be delivered by these therapists. The Clinical Consultant will also liaise with other care team members, including provision of training where appropriate.

Each of our Early Intervention Clinical Consultants are Early Childhood Professionals in accordance with NDIS requirements, including holding the required tertiary qualifications, clinical registration and maintenance of continuing professional development credits.

Onboarding new families for 2024

We currently have capacity to onboard school-age children up to age 8 to our Early Intensive Consultancy Program. Contact us today to find out more.

Learning For Life Autism Centre

A personalised therapy program at home and at school

As with our Full-Service Model, the Consultancy Model includes:

  • a custom therapy program based on your child’s individual preferences and goals
  • ongoing supervision
  • regular meetings with families and schools to review and adjust the therapy program
  • ongoing training for parents and schools in ABA strategies for reinforcement and skills transfer
  • NDIS reports as required
  • Provision of Therapy Assistants to support implementation of the program

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