Our ABA Research

Since our 2004 beginning, one of our major objectives has been to help fill the gap in Australian-specific Autism research into ABA therapy’s effectiveness. Compared to the US, UK and Canada, Australian awareness of, and research on, ABA therapy’s effectiveness is limited. This knowledge gap is a barrier to building public and private sector support for intensive ABA therapy delivery to Australian children with ASD. It is also a barrier to families pursuing this therapy for their children on the spectrum.

We have collected assessment test results and sessional data on almost every child who has graduated from our Full-Service Model. As a result, we are in the exceptional position of possessing a wealth of information on a cohort of 40+ Australian children.

Study 1. Outcomes Following a Community-based Early Intensive Behaviour Intervention (EIBI) Program for Children with Autism in Australia

We have recently completed this first study to analyse these children’s outcomes, e.g. how many achieved ‘best outcomes’ and what skill gains they achieved. The study shows how children progressed through their ABA programs and demonstrates the effectiveness of our Full-Service Model. It is distinctive as the only research conducted to date on the effectiveness of intensive, early intervention, home-based ABA programs conducted exclusively on a community-based cohort of Australian children.

Published in the Australian Journal of Psychology.

Monash University Mindfulness Project

As part of our concern about therapy delivery and parent stress, in September 2015 the Research Subcommittee began collaborating with Angelika Anderson and Dennis Moore from Monash University on a Mindfulness Project. The project involves one of their PhD students conducing an eight-week Mindfulness program with parents of children enrolled in our Full-Service Model. Monash, with L4Life, are collecting the data to identify whether a Mindfulness Program specifically designed for parents of children with Autism can alleviate parents’ stress and anxiety and impact the rate of children’s learning.


L4Life delegates at the ABA Today Conference in July 2019; clinical supervisors, senior therapists, psychologists, and board members. Read more about the conference.

Educational and Development Psychologist/Clinical Supervisor/Research Coordinator, Sarah Wood, presented at the Applied Behavioural Analysis International Conference in Stockholm (October 2019). Read more about Sarah’s presentation. From left to right: Brenda Bassingthwaite (University of Iowa Children’s Hospital); Sara Wood; Lisa Kemmerer (STAR Autism Support); Erin Leif (Monash University); Russell Fox (Monash University).